The Decemberists – “Why Would I Now?”

Back in January, thesaurus-flaunting folk-rockers the Decemberists ended a four-year silence by releasing the new album What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World. As it turns out, they had a few songs left over, and now they’re about to put them out. Florasongs is a new EP that features five songs from the What A Terrible World sessions, and it’s coming out next month. The first single is “What Would I Now?,” a fairly straightforward and jangly song about what I suppose you’d have to call fidelity. Below, listen to it and check out the EP’s tracklist.

01 “Why Would I Now?”
02 “Riverswim”
03 “Fits & Starts”
04 “The Harrowed And The Haunted”
05 “Stateside”

Florasongs is out 10/9; pre-order it here.