Denver Radio Jock Sues Taylor Swift Because He Was Fired For Allegedly Touching Her Butt

A former KYGO radio station personality has filed a lawsuit against Taylor Swift and associates, CBS Denver reports. David Mueller, aka Jackson from the Ryno And Jackson morning show, alleges that that he was falsely accused of “lifting Swift’s skirt with his hand and touching her bottom” during a meet-and-greet before a 2013 concert in Denver, after which he was confronted and verbally abused by Swift’s bodyguards. Following the incident, Mueller was told that he was banned for life from Taylor Swift concerts and that the incident “reflected negatively on KYGO,” and his contract was terminated two days later. Mueller admits that he did meet with Taylor Swift before the concert, but claims that he just posed for pictures with her, shook her hand, and left before he was confronted by her bodyguards, who he says had to be escorted out of the Pepsi Center. Mueller has requested a jury trial.

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