Devo’s Jerry Casale Had A 9/11-Themed Wedding

Devo have always had a bizarre sense of humor. It’s foundational to the group’s ethos, and it has served them well for the past 43 years, including in an interview I conducted with founding member Jerry Casale a few years ago. But it seems the musician’s twisted comedic instincts have led him astray for once. Casale married Krista Napp last Friday in Santa Monica, and because it was the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the couple decided to let their wedding theme follow suit. As TMZ reports, the festivities included real box cutters as party favors and a World Trade Center wedding cake with the bride and groom’s faces on the twin towers. Not cool, Casale! Check out a couple more images below.

You may recall that Casale’s brother Bob, a co-founder of Devo, passed away last year.