Mark McGuire – “Earth: 2015″ (Stereogum Premiere)

Ambient hero Mark McGuire accumulates a vast array of releases on his Bandcamp page, but when he releases an album for indie titan Dead Oceans, it’s a big deal. Beyond Belief is the ex-Emeralds musician’s latest musical statement, and our first taste of the album is a wild piece of work called “Earth: 2015.” If the word “ambient” makes you think of incomparably placid chill-out music, this one will surprise you. The title is on-point: “Earth: 2015″ is as chaotic and unsettling as life on this planet in these modern times, conjuring such a frantic jumble of guitar and keyboard sounds that at first I wondered if multiple browser tabs were playing music at the same time. Eventually it all coheres into a dark, dramatic, ’80s-inspired electronic instrumental that keeps unfolding for 10 minutes. Listen below.

McGuire also produced a chopped & screwed version of the new album called Beyond Belief (Chopped & Chief’d), a nod to his Road Chief alias. Everyone who pre-orders Beyond Belief gets the Chopped & Chief’d version on cassette too. That’s the LP bundle up above, and here’s the cassette bundle:

Pre-order CD, LP, and cassette bundles through mail order or support your local record store. Each pre-order package will include the Beyond Belief (Chopped & Chief’d) cassette. Listen to “Earth: 2015″ at Apple Music and follow McGuire on Spotify.

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