Sexwitch – “Ha Howa Ha Howa”

Natasha Khan’s new collaboration with TOY and Dan Carey is gloriously titled Sexwitch, and the songs are accordingly dark, lusty, and full of incantations. Khan’s primary project Bat For Lashes ventures into these realms but tends to cling more closely to traditional song structures, and it usually feels like she’s holding back a little. That tension is part of what makes Bat For Lashes great, but what makes Sexwitch great is that she fully abandons herself to the song. Their initial track “Helelyos” built up to a towering height, and “Ha Howa Ha Howa” works in a similar manner. Her chanting turns to wailing and the groove mimics that transition, building and swelling along the course of the track’s seven minutes. Listen below.

Sexwitch is out 9/25 on The Echo Label Limited. Pre-order it here.