Leave Hologram Chief Keef Alone!

Leave Hologram Chief Keef Alone!

Chicago rapper Chief Keef has been dealing with some bullshit because of an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Illinois. The rapper now lives in LA, but the aftermath of his outstanding warrant led Chicago city officials to block the tribute concert he planned to perform via hologram in support of recently killed toddler Dillan Harris. When the concert was relocated to Indiana, officials still shut it down even though it occurred outside of city limits. This is a rapper trying to throw a show via hologram, to memorialize a toddler accidentally killed by gang violence. What’s the issue again?? Anyway, Chief Keef had some choice words for Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel’s dumb-as-rocks attitude toward the rapper’s attempted benefit show.

Now, Billboard reports that Keef faces further opposition for tonight’s planned Bang 3 Part 2 release show. The event was scheduled for tonight at Henry Fonda Theater in LA, but Keef’s reps say that one of his producers was hurt during a walk-through on 9/16. The Theater’s parent company AEG has canceled the show, but Keef’s reps have filed a police report of their own regarding the situation, and called the venue’s actions a “cover up brutal assault by its security forces.”

Here’s what Alki David, CEO of FilmOn and Hologram USA, had to say about the decision made by AEG and the venue:

AEG and the Fonda Theater have continued the shameful cycle of blaming hip-hop and the artistic expression of urban youth for their own corporate malfeasance. This follows on the Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s attempts to silence Keef and scapegoat him for his city’s complete inability to solve the war-zone like crisis on the South Side, and on the Madison Square Garden Company’s bumbling attempt to back out of a tri-city peace concert to benefit the family of a murdered baby.

Here’s the statement an AEG rep sent in response:

We strongly dispute the allegations made by Chief Keef’s associates of the events leading to the legal cancellation of his show. After a walk through at the venue with Chief Keef’s production team, based on strong concerns for the safety of our employees and the public, we exercised our contractual right and canceled the show. Subsequently, they filed a police report and therefore no further comment can be made.

Here’s Keef’s official statement:

David has now secured a parking lot next to the Fonda theater where the event will go on as scheduled, complete with special guests, holograms, pop up shops, arcade games, and laser tag. You can also livestream the show here.

UPDATE: And, once again, the show was shut down by police after just one song from Hologram Chief Keef, as Billboard reports. An officer told Billboard that Keef lacked the proper permits for the event, but come on, this is just ridiculous. Here’s what Hologram USA founder Alki David has to say about that:

Just pathetic. The city of Los Angeles was clearly doing the dirty work of corporate giant AEG by shutting down Chief Keef’s festival. It was shaping up to be a great night at the lot and we had 80,000 fans watching on FilmOn.com. We are so pissed off we are planning to build a permanent venue for hologram concerts next to AEG’s Fonda Theater.

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