Watch Foo Fighters Cover Rush With Jon Davison Because Yes Was Too Difficult To Learn

Singer Jon Davison joined prog-rock titans Yes in 2012, but he’s young enough that he wasn’t born when the band formed. Davidson grew up in Orange County, California, where he was best friends with current Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. The two of them were big prog nerds as kids. And on Saturday night, when the Foo Fighters played in Anaheim — a hometown show for Hawkins — the two old friends reunited onstage when Davidson joined the Foo Fighters onstage. The band had wanted to cover a Yes song with Davidson, but, per Dave Grohl, “they’re too fucking hard.” So instead, they covered another immortal prog classic, Rush’s “Tom Sawyer.” That is not an easy song either! But they nailed it, and that Davidson boy can sing. Watch a fan-made video of the performance below.

Shout out to the Foo Fighters for being a stadium rock band who still has some idea how to have fun onstage. There aren’t too many of those.