Hear Autre Ne Veut Break Down New Song “Cold Winds” On The (rough) Podcast

We’ve heard two tracks from Autre Ne Veut’s upcoming Age Of Transparency — “World War Pt. 2” and “Panic Room” — that have been as conceptually ambitious as anything he’s released. As you can imagine, a lot of planning and pre-thought goes into songs like that, and Arthur Ashin sat down for Yours Truly’s (rough) podcast to break down what went into “Cold Winds,” an unreleased track from the upcoming album. Going back through old voice memos, we get to hear a few different versions of the song at various stages of completion, and get a look at how it was all pieced together. Listen below.

It also looks like we’ll be getting a new Autre Ne Veut video tomorrow. Here’s a teaser for that:

The Age Of Transparency is out 10/2 via Downtown.