Bing & Ruth – “Rails” Video

Bing & Ruth are a minimalist indie-classical ensemble led by pianist and composer David Moore. Following the release of Tomorrow Was The Golden Age last year, they’re reissuing their debut full-length, 2010’s City Lake, in remastered and expanded form, and they’ve just shared a new video for “Rails,” the album’s most immediate and pop-adjacent cut. Unlike the amorphous ambient textures of Tomorrow Was The Golden Age, “Rails” sharpens the abstraction into forward-driving motoric momentum reminiscent of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. A circling piano figure, rhythmic handclaps, upright bass, strings, clarinet, and wordless vocals ebb and flow over the course of eight minutes, coalescing into — as the title suggests — a piece of music perfect for watching the landscape pass by through a train window. Fittingly, director Seba Cros matches it with a lovely, impressionistic visual paean to rail travel. It may be eight minutes long, but those eight minutes wash over you like a warm sigh. Watch below.

Reissue tracklist:

01 “Broad Channel”
02 “Put Your Weight Into It”
03 “And Then it Rained”
04 “Rails”
05 “City Lake / Tu Sei Uwe”
06 “Broad Channel / A Little Line in a Round Face”
07 “Here’s What You’re Missin”
08 “You’re Gonna Need That When He’s Gone” (Bonus Track)
09 “In This Ruined House” (Bonus Track)
10 “Broad Channel (Solo Piano)” (Bonus Track)

City Lake is out 11/13 on RVNG Intl.