Sports – “Get Bummed Out”

Sports are a very special kind of pop-punk band because they know how to take a tiny moment in time and project it onto the big screen, sculpting dramatic scenes out of the mundane. “Get Bummed Out” narrates the worst part about falling for a significant other, their personality quirks that make you want to bury them. “Waking up just to say your goodbyes/ Feign composure, but I know you lie/ I know you try, so hard, so so hard,” Perry introduces the song with a two-faced AM departure, and her complaints unravel from there. This isn’t a mean song, but it’s a smarmy one, a list of things wrong with a person that she can’t help but love. Lyrically, this track is a highlight off of Sports’ forthcoming LP All Of Something, mostly because the last line is an all-encompassing illustration of what it’s like to date someone who takes and takes and takes and rarely, if ever, gives back. “If you feel like giving up/ Just make a mess of me, I’ll always clean it up.” Listen below.

All Of Something is out 10/30 via Father/Daughter.

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