Palm – “Ankles”

When I wrote about Palm for our recent Band To Watch feature, I compared Kasra Kurt’s vocal performance on certain tracks to Noah Lennox. It might’ve seemed somewhat unfounded at the time, because the first single we heard off of the Philly-based band’s forthcoming album, Trading Basics, features vocals by Eve Alpert, but when I unloaded that pretty hefty praise I had the song “Ankles” in mind. Like all of the tracks on Trading Basics, the one unfolds in fractal-like pieces, but its cathartic turning point is one of the album’s most memorable. “I don’t need you! I don’t need you, anymore!” Kurt shouts, and his voice echoes out and reverbs with enviable ferocity. It doesn’t really matter what this song is about, the intonation of Kurt’s voice holds more meaning than lyrics could. Listen below via The Fader.

Trading Basics is out 11/6 via Inflated Records & Exploding In Sound.

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