Gun Outfit – “Worldly Way”

Fresh off of a move from Olympia to Los Angeles, dusty folk-rockers Gun Outfit are getting ready to release their fourth full-length, Dream All Over. Despite their roots in Olympia’s hardcore scene, they haven’t really been a punk band since approximately 2009, and the three songs we’ve already heard from the new album — “Gotta Wanna,” “Only Ever Over,” and “Legends Of My Own” — have been some of their most languid, lovely work yet. The droning, sun-fried desert mysticism of “Worldly Way,” however, introduces a slightly manic edge to Dylan Sharp’s drawling vocals. “Oh world, what knowledge do you teach?” he asks, before answering his own question: “To grow a tail and chase it/ Or sit awhile in grief.” Listen.

Dream All Over is out 10/16 via Paradise Of Bachelors. Pre-order it here.

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