Stream Björk Vulnicura Remix Project – Part Three

Björk changed the conversation about breakup albums when she released Vulnicura, her stunning, gut-wrenching meditation on the dissolution of her partnership with Matthew Barney. Consider: this was an album so powerful that it caused some men to demand they get to hear Barney’s side. Right. Some things never change. Anyway, she’s continued on a three-part roll out of remixes from the album. We’ve heard the first and second ones, and today we get the third. Juliana Huxtable takes on “Lionsong,” Bloom remixes both “Family” and “Black Lake,” and patten reworks “Stonemilker.” Listen below via Dazed.

As before, Björk shared a brief note to accompany the release:

these are the last 4 remixes from vulnicura …. i would like to thank especially robin carolan for co-curating this with me . its been such a pleasure !!!

le1f texted me from a sweaty club a clip of juliana doing a mix of lionsong so i contacted her and asked her to make it into a proper remix . its her first remix and i think its incredible !!!

when i djd for tri angle birthday party i did a mashup of bloom and abida parveen . i wanted the peak of his extrovertsy to meet abida at her most visceral . i kinda asked him if hed do a similar thing for black lake and was thrilled he was up for it . i really adore his beats and i feel hes got a strong signature on his noises that are really his . he choose himself to take on family in an impressive way !

patten sent me a mix he did of stonemilker through robin and i loved it so i asked him if we could put it out

hope you all enjoy

autumny iceland



Vulnicura is out now via One Little Indian. Get it here.