Michael Chabon Is Trying To Make It As A Songwriter For Real

Michael Chabon — the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier & Clay and The Yiddish Policemen’s Union — had a co-writing credit on the majority of the songs on Mark Ronson’s newest album, Uptown Special, and now it looks like the author may be getting into the music-writing business for real. Billboard reports that Chabon has just been signed to Universal Music Publishing Group as a songwriter and that, in addition to dealing with the licensing side of things on the songs he’s already written, he’ll be working on new material: “It’s only the beginning for him in music,” a rep for the company told Billboard.

Here’s what Ronson had to say about working with Chabon in our interview with him:

…bringing Michael Chabon into the equation … it just started to come together. I had been working with Jeff [Bhasker] for a couple of weeks and I decided to write Michael Chabon a letter and see if he would like to be involved. It was so weird — and this has never happened to me before — seeing his lyrics on the page, I just immediately started to hear the melodies in my head as I was reading them. I never usually have that sort of instant inspiration, but it happened a couple of times.

While it’s unlikely we’d ever get a Chabon solo album (or maybe not, who knows…), his songwriting credits could start popping up soon.