Stream Conner Youngblood The Generation Of Lift

Conner Youngblood’s second EP The Generation Of Lift is out today, and it’s a short and sweet release of elegant experimentalism. Youngblood floats harp, percussion, guitar, banjo, and plenty of other unexpected instruments through a nostalgic dreamscape, distilling hope for the future and longing for the past into one cohesive moment. There’s a seasoned mindfulness to his sound, even across tracks that establish themselves in totally different ways. “The Birds Of Finland” is full of sad-eyed reflection, “Diamonds” goes toward ’80s disco melancholia, and “Stockholm” is a stuttering folk stunner. But as a whole, the EP evokes Youngblood’s urge to live in the present, to reshape instruments, sounds and genres themselves into a manifestation of his own singular vision. Listen below.

Download The Generation Of Lift here.