SOPHIE – “Just Like We Never Said Goodbye”

SOPHIE – “Just Like We Never Said Goodbye”

“Just Like We Never Said Goodbye” is my favorite of the new tracks on SOPHIE’s upcoming PRODUCT singles collection, probably because it’s the one whose structure most resembles a traditional pop song. But there’s not much traditional about the British producer’s production choices, so the result is a bittersweet, glitchy slow-dance of a track. It’s a bastardized take on ’80s pop filtered through a couple more decades of electronic experimentation, like a Carly Rae Jepsen track if it was flattened out onto a cold metallic surface with a rolling pin. The leaden synths keep their distance, but those fucked-with vocals are distinctly human: the way they speed up on the line “I haven’t seen you since I was about, hmmm, sixteen years old,” or when they mumble forward: “We were young/ We had everything we needed/ I had everything I could ever need, but it makes me feel and it makes me feel and it makes me feel…” Some stellar pop work — listen below.

PRODUCT is out 11/27 via Numbers. Pre-order it here.

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