DJDS Remixed Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Source Material, Timmy Thomas’ “Why Can’t We Live”

You might not recognize Timmy Thomas’ 1972 soul hit “Why Can’t We Live Together” by name, but you’d definitely recognize it by ear — its sparse Hammond organ and rhythm machine groove forms the backbone of Drake’s sleeper hit “Hotline Bling.” Now, DJDS — the house/techno duo formerly known as DJ Dodger Stadium, composed of Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL — have shared their own take on it. They turn it into exactly the kind of pounding, artfully constructed dance track that populated last year’s great Friend Of Mine, building an emotional core out of the refrain of Thomas’s pitch-shifted vocals: “Everybody wants to live together/ Why can’t we be together?” As they explain, “The message and tone of ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ fit in so well with our new music — this hopeful plea, sung in a very damaged and eerie way. That contrast is something we’re always reaching for, and remixing this, brought us a bit closer to it.” Listen below, and grab a free download in exchange for your email address here.

DJDS are currently working on a new LP, which should be out early next year.