Watch Sturgill Simpson & Jason Isbell Cover Terry Allen In Tuscaloosa

Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell are basically the dual high priests of a true bluegrass/folk/country revival. I happen to adore bro-country right alongside their gritty, old-school releases, but for the purists, Isbell and Simpson are proof that the outlaw spirit of country’s past is lurking around our modern day machinery. So, it’s fitting that the two covered fellow country outlaw Terry Allen’s “Amarillo Highway” at Simpson’s show in Isbell’s home state of Alabama last night. Of course, anyone who has been to a Simpson show knows his penchant for incorporating covers into the setlist, but sweeping Isbell up into it is a rarer event. It’s one of those moments fans dream of being there for — luckily we live in the digital age, so we all can get a taste of their synergy via this shaky fan-shot clip. Is anyone else daydreaming about the idea of a collaborative album from these two? They are certainly spiritual kin in the country world. Watch below.