Florist – “Cool And Refreshing”

Emily Sprague’s lyrics have a way of making bold declarations and then slyly retracting. On “Vacation,” the lead single from Florist’s forthcoming Holdly EP, she sings: “If I’ve ever been in love before, and I’m pretty sure I have…,” a crisp and memorable clarification of meaning. She uses the same tactic on “Cool And Refreshing”: “And I’m trying to be good, but I’m done,” Sprague states emphatically. But then: “No, wait, just kidding, I’m not.” Her songs are more stream-of-consciousness than their structure lets on, and this lets the band pivot around these mini-realizations, when her mouth catches up with her mind. There are a few of those kinds of moments on this new track, and they hit just as hard every time: “Like memories, forgiveness, and the light inside my eyes/ It’s terrifying, it’s totally fine,” “Well, I don’t think my life will ever make me as happy as Kaaterskill Creek.” It gives the song a kind of barreling emotional momentum, until it wraps up definitively: “And that won’t fade away.” The song is about embracing the past as a way to get by, knowing that these memories are fallible and impermanent, but still deciding to cling on any way because it’s what feels the best. Listen below.

Holdly is out 10/30 via Double Double Whammy. Read our recent Band To Watch feature on the group.

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