The Girdles – “Diva/Teen Angel” & “Out Of The Park”

The Girdles is a new songwriting project from Leanne Macomber, formerly of Neon Indian and currently of Young Ejecta. Or maybe it’s not so new — Macomber talks about the Girdles in an old interview from 2011, although she hasn’t actually released any music under the name until now. In that interview, this is what she said: “The Girdles is super mega simple. Straight from the diary to the Casio kinda jive. Crap recordings of innocent love songs.” Accordingly, on new song “Out Of The Park,” she sings about playing baseball with a wide-eyed sense of childlike wonder, her voice soaring above a pillow of chintzy yet appealing keyboards: “Have you ever played baseball with your friends/ And watched them hit it right out/ Out of the park, into the sky?” “Diva/Teen Angel,” on the other hand, injects a bit of an edge in the form of a thickly distorted bass groove, while the video features Macomber dancing around the house goofily and rocking out on various instruments. Hear both songs below.