Band Of Horses Finishing New Album Produced By Jason Lytle

Band Of Horses Finishing New Album Produced By Jason Lytle

Almost a year ago, we heard that Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle would be producing the next Band Of Horses album, which was exciting news for fans of 2000s indie. We hadn’t heard much about it since then, but in a new interview with Spanish music blog Binaural, frontman Ben Bridwell reveals that “It’s almost all done. After [finishing an unplugged tour in] Zurich I’ll spend two weeks at home, to be with my family. I’ll take the opportunity to mix the record. All that’s left is one small vocal part of a track, that’s it.” (That’s been translated from Spanish with the aid of the internet and my high school Spanish classes, so he might not have used those exact words, but that’s the gist.) He also says that the LP will out in the “first quarter of next year, in the spring,” although “It makes me angry that it doesn’t come out in autumn because it’s a perfect record for that season. Strange to think that it will come out in a time when the weather comes alive.” Apparently it’s being mixed by Flaming Lips/Mercury Rev/MGMT collaborator Dave Fridmann, and this is how Bridwell describes the sound:

I think it’s close to Infinite Arms. It has some density to it, in fact I think it’s even more dense than Infinite Arms. The album was produced by Jason Lytle, who was a member of the band Grandaddy. If you listen to his band you’ll see that they’re very cinematic, very symphonic. It was very cool to trust in him. It will be a very dense record.

You can read the whole interview here, although you’ll need to speak Spanish or use Google Translate to get anything out of it, obviously.

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