Annie Clark Interviews Rooney Mara

In another one of Interview magazine’s ingenious pair-ups, Annie Clark talked to Rooney Mara for their latest issue. The two of them have known each other for three years, and first met when Clark gave Mara a guitar lesson at Electric Lady Studios in preparation for her role as a singer-songwriter in Terrence Malick’s still-unreleased music-centric film. (The movie’s expected out next year.) Much of their conversation is centered around that experience, the filming for which took place in Austin back in 2012 during festival season.

Mara mentions that Clark, among many others, also shot a scene for the film. (“It was horrifying,” she says of the experience.) As far as I can tell, we didn’t know that! But, it’s also a Malick film, so there’s a possibility Clark’s appearance could be cut.

Patti Smith also may appear in the film, which we did know. Here’s Mara on that:

MARA: …She shot, like, three days. I don’t know if she’ll end up in the cut, but her first day, she knocked on my trailer door—I hadn’t met her yet—and she introduced herself, because she was a huge fan of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I was like [screams]. We had scenes together where she’s showing me stuff on the guitar, and then she does a show in Austin. They really wanted me to go out on stage and play with her, which I refused to do. But she put a chair on stage for me to sit and played a song to me. It was amazing. She was playing herself but giving my character all this advice. And it was actually really good advice, all about relationships.

CLARK: So in the movie she’s “Patti Smith.”

MARA: She’s playing herself. My character idolized her.

Mara also recounts the time she played on stage with the Black Lips for the film:

MARA: …I played with the Black Lips at one of the Austin music festivals. Oh my God, I got really drunk to do it. I was learning on the acoustic guitar. I don’t know how to play electric guitar. So I had to kind of learn it, just so I knew where my hands should be, but there was no way I was going to actually play.

CLARK: So did you just mime the guitar?

MARA: Yeah. Well, it was unplugged.

CLARK: Did you make the decision to keep yourself unplugged?

MARA: Yes, definitely.

CLARK: But the Black Lips, they’re fun—punk rock, dicks out …

MARA: Yeah, I think one of them made themselves throw up onstage during the performance. And one of them whipped his dick out. It was quite the experience. I should have come up with something a little more exciting, but I was just drinking whiskey and got really drunk. I have stage fright. It’s terrifying.

They also discuss life on the road, Mara’s upcoming roles in Carol (with Cate Blanchett) and Pan (with Cara Delevingne) — read the whole thing here.