Carrie Brownstein Talks Sleater-Kinney’s Future: “I Think We’ll Definitely Get Back To Writing Songs”

After a decade-long absence, punk-rock heroes Sleater-Kinney returned this year with much fanfare, releasing the excellent comeback album No Cities To Love and launching a victorious world tour. They’ve been keeping their reunion open-ended, vaguely hinting at the possibility of more new music to come. But in a new Rolling Stone interview, Carrie Brownstein offers a more concrete declaration of their intent to keep this thing going:

I think we’ll definitely get back to writing songs. We feel less trapped by a repetitive cycle of writing, recording and touring. But the band feels like it’s up and running again.

Those are very encouraging words! The interview also includes a recording of Brownstein reading from her new book, Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl, which you can hear below.