Serengeti & Workaholics Star Anders Holm Surprise-Release New Rap EP

On the sometimes-great Comedy Central show Workaholics, there’s a running joke about the unbelievably halfassed rap dreams of Ders, one third of the show’s fuckup trio. But now Anders Holm, the actor who plays Ders, has an actual rap EP to his name. He’s teamed up with Chicago art-rapper Serengeti (also a member of Sufjan Stevens’ weird-pop supergroup Sisyphus) to form the duo Perfecto, and they’ve just surprise-released their debut EP You Can’t Run From The Rhythm, as Pitchfork reports. (Holm previously showed up on some skits on Serengeti’s 2014 album Kenny Dennis III.) A press release for the new album namechecks Snap!, C&C Music Factory, and Technotronic, and first single “Giorgio” sure seems to be a pastiche of that early-’90s chart-aimed hip-house style. Its video, from director Joseph Rubenstein, seems to be an extended joke about Holm and Serengeti’s regrettable choices in facial hair and eyewear. Check it out below.

You Can’t Run From The Rhythm is out now on Joyful Noise.