DJDS – “Stand Up And Speak”

Back when DJDS were still going by DJ Dodger Stadium, the Samo Sound Boy/Jerome LOL collaboration picked up an Album Of The Week nod for their debut, Friend Of Mine. At the beginning of this year, the two of them got back into the studio to work on its follow-up, which they’ve announced today: It’s called Stand Up And Speak and, in an interview with The Fader, they explain it’s a lot less sample-based than their first work: “Instead of focusing on these old records, we wanted to look all over—at friends, and friends of friends—and figure out how we could, in a way, sample our whole life in the city,” said Samo Sound Boy, who released his own solo album earlier this year. The first song they’ve shared from the album is the title track, “Stand Up And Speak,” and it’s an energetic, soulful number that feels more tactile than anything on their previous release. Per the press release, the two of them went through Craigslist to find musicians to play the track, and the singer apparently works as a doorman at a nearby Los Angeles hotel. Fun! Listen to it below.

01 “One Good Thing (Opening)”
02 “You Don’t Have To Be Alone”
03 “In The Flames”
04 “Tell Me Why”
05 “Something To Believe In”
06 “No Guarantees”
07 “Stand Up And Speak”
08 “Darling Cheryl”
09 “I Don’t Love You”
10 “Found (Closing)”

Stand Up And Speak is out 1/29 via Loma Vista/Body High.