Call 231-377-1113 To Hear Justin Bieber’s “Hotline Bling” Remix

Justin Bieber has recorded his own version of Drake’s monster hit “Hotline Bling,” because of course he has. What’s Justin Bieber going to do, not record his own version of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”? He has also picked an unconventional way to put it out into the world; you have to call an actual hotline to hear it. This means that it will inevitably end up sounding exactly like Justin Bieber singing over “Hotline Bling,” and also over a crackly phone line. This is not a way to get any sort of real musical experience, but I guess it’s fun to think about for a second or two. As Pitchfork points out, some guy has also made his own shitty recording of this shitty recording, so if you don’t feel like using up phone minutes, you can hear it below.

Bieber’s album Purpose is out 11/13 on Def Jam.