Ohio Marijuana Vote Could Make Nick Lachey Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars

As an Ohio resident, I’ve noticed former 98 Degrees member/reality TV star Nick Lachey appearing in advertisements in support of Issue 3, which would legalize recreational marijuana statewide. The issue is complex and contentious even among supporters of legalization for reasons this excellent Columbus Alive feature explains in depth. Long story short, Issue 3 would write a monopoly into the state constitution by licensing only 10 designated farms to grow and sell marijuana. As The Washington Post points out, Lachey owns one of those farms, a 29-acre plot in Akron. He and his fellow investors each paid between $2 and $4 million to get the issue off the ground in addition to $10 million they each shelled out for a farm — but together they stand to make more than $1 billion per year if Issue 3 is approved. Let the man himself persuade you in the ad below, in which he neglects to mention all the money he stands to make if this thing passes.

UPDATE: Sorry Nick Lachey, your investment was for naught. Ohioans overwhelmingly voted down Issue 3 while approving Issue 2, which forbids monopolies to be written into the constitution.