The Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends” Was Originally Meant For Kanye West

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, the Weeknd said that he gave up many of the songs he intended to use on his House Of Balloons mixtape to Drake, who turned them into tracks on his 2011 masterwork Take Care, and these days, he doesn’t seem too happy with his decision to do that: “I gave away almost half my album. It’s hard.” So it’s a measure of how far the Weeknd has come that he’s now being given the tracks that other artists intended to use for themselves.

Case in point: Kanye West. West produced “Tell Your Friends,” one of the singles on the Weeknd’s massive recent album Beauty Behind The Madness. But that song was originally supposed to be his own. As Complex points out, in a recent live-onstage interview for Red Bull Music Academy, Kanye collaborator Che Pope says that he, West, and Mike Dean came up with the track and that West was originally supposed to rap on it. Maybe West’s version would’ve sounded more like the version he posted to his SoundCloud not long ago.