The Spook School – “I Want To Kiss You” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

It’s been a particularly great year for queer musicians — PWR BTTM, Adult Mom, and G.L.O.S.S. chiefly among them, though they’re certainly not the only ones — and Scottish four-piece the Spook School are throwing their hats into the ring with Try To Be Hopeful, the follow-up to their very good and very underrated 2013 debut Dress Up. The record’s already been released on their side of the pond, but it’s coming stateside at the end of the month, and they’re sharing a endearingly goofy video for “I Want To Kiss You” to hype it up. Unlike the explicitly political and passionate first two singles from the album — “Burn Masculinity” and “Binary” — “I Wanna Kiss You” is an infatuation anthem, just as passionate as the band always is, but directing that energy at another person. There’s still some hints at the fluidity that make them such a welcome presence in the scene (“I want to hear you say you’ve never done this before with someone like me,” “But if your god is valid, why isn’t mine?”), but it takes a backseat to all the breathlessness, anticipation, and desire that comes with a crush. Check it out below.

Try To Be Hopeful is out in the UK now, and 11/27 in US via Fortuna POP! You can order it here or here.