jj – “I Wish”

I’ve talked a little bit before about how jj tend to thrive more on one-offs than full albums, where they have a tendency to fall apart and get lost in themselves. I feel like I’m always excited by the single and let down by the album when it comes to these two, and I can already sense that happening with their latest track, “I Wish.” It’s a good one, the kind of moody and hazy meditation that the Swedish duo do best, but I’m already anticipating a letdown. But this track works well: It’s labeled with a #breakup hashtag on Soundcloud, and it definitely lives up to that designation. It runs through a bunch of stretched out and twisted hooks that drip with self-loathing: “I wish I could hate you,” it starts. “I wish I could say that I deserve more, but I really don’t/ I just fuck shit up.” Listen below.

It’s unclear whether “I Wish” is just a one-off or part of a larger project.

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