Kississippi – “Greyhound”

Kississippi’s imminent EP is called We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed, but we named the Philadelphia duo a Band To Watch because the EP portends their future is actually quite bright. Lead single “Indigo” indicated the band’s knack for capturing intimate moments in all their ugliness and beauty, setting detailed sentimental descriptions against swooning indie-pop dreamscapes marked by delicate guitar work.

“Greyhound,” which arrived today via Noisey, is appealing for similar reasons. It’s a story about feeling alienated from someone when you’re desperately yearning to be close, kicking yourself as you to figure out how the night took a wrong turn. Against a backdrop of high-end guitar twinkles, swelling bass, and airy oohs and ahs, Zoë Allaire Reynolds litters her narrative with a scene-setting string of images — here sprawled on kitchen tiles, there fixing a flat tire — before getting to the heart of the matter. When she resignedly concludes, “Should have known that you don’t like to be touched,” it’s — well, touching!

We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed is out 11/20 on Soft Speak. Pre-order it here.

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