Watch Alanis Morissette Update “Ironic” For The Social Media Age

It would seem that the late-night hosts of the world have jokes about Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” that they’ve been waiting decades to make. This year, Morissette’s landmark album Jagged Little Pill turns 20 (we wrote about it here), and she’s marked the occasion by releasing a box-set deluxe-edition reissue. Last week, she was on The Tonight Show, where she, Jimmy Fallon, and Megan Trainor dressed up like chickens and did an all-clucking rendition of “Ironic.” I’m not sure what was going on with that one. There was basically no joke. Last night, Morissette was on James Corden’s Late Late Show, where she did another comedy version of “Ironic.” This one at least had a central joke, with Morissette and James Corden (dressed like Morissette) singing about Twitter and Uber and Waze. (Best line: “It’s like singing ‘Ironic,’ but there are no ironies.”) She also sat for an interview, talking about synesthesia with LL Cool J, and she sang a non-joke acoustic version of the Jagged Little Pill song “Head Over Feet.” Also, LL beatboxed “You Oughta Know,” and you can only imagine the glee-noises that this forced Corden to make. Watch the sketch, the interview, and the performance below.

The Jagged Little Pill box-set reissue is out now on Rhino.