Nico Yaryan – “Old Gloria”

Our introduction to LA solo act Nico Yaryan was “Just Tell Me,” a groovy retro pop song that reminds me of the Walkmen with a soulful skip in their step. Now Yaryan has shared full details of his Partisan debut album What A Tease along with the album’s opening song. “Old Gloria” is a grand, midtempo folk-rock ballad in the tradition of Van Morrison. The lyrics tell the story of a woman who’s been burned by her lover and is afraid she’s gotten too old to win the heart of another — presumably the beginning of the album’s narrative about Yaryan working on a marijuana farm to fund his transcontinental romance. Musically, it pulls inspiration from a lot of classic material and stands its ground. Listen below via KCRW.

01 “Old Gloria”
02 “You Belong To Me”
03 “Just Tell Me”
04 “Dreamers”
05 “The Magic”
06 “Infinity”
07 “What A Tease”
08 “Nobody Tells My Baby”
09 “Witch Love”
10 “Your Love Never Lets Me Down”
11 “I’ll Stay With You When You Die”

What A Tease is out 2/26 on Partisan. Pre-order it here.

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