Stream Haleek Maul Prince Midas Mixtape

The Barbadian rapper Haleek Maul just released his latest mixtape, Prince Midas, a collection of twelve tracks that manage to sound minimalistic and claustrophobic all at once. Maul’s verses unfurl in erratic streams, pushing rhythmic boundaries across dark, delicately-arranged soundscapes, many of which he had a hand in producing. There are dozens of small motifs that light these songs up, one of which appears early on in the mixtape’s first track “Return” with a short, sharp synthetic yelp that mimics the sound of sneakers squeaking on a basketball court. That’s followed by the clatter of electric rain, or maybe coins, hitting the floor on “Money God.” Collecting all of these individual samples helps hold Prince Midas together; stream the mixtape below.

Prince Midas is out 11/9.

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