Great White Singer Will Explain Tragic Nightclub Fire In New Documentary

Back in 2003, a nightclub fire at The Station in Rhode Island killed 100 people and injured over 200. It was sparked by a pyrotechnics display from the band Great White. Eventually, their tour manager and club owners spent time in prison, but the band’s frontman Jack Russell and the rest of the surviving members settled a lawsuit for $1 million. Now, twelve years after the event, Russell says that he’s making a documentary about the fire as a way to apologize and tell his side of the story.

As the Associated Press reports, Russell told radio station 105.9 The Brew in an interview last week that he feels “survivor’s guilt” over the incident: “Why did I get to live and so many other people didn’t? I feel guilty for people coming to see me play and losing their lives. It’s really hard to deal with it. […] It’s not like I had anything personally to do. It was just a horrible accident. There was a lot of weird things that had to come into play to make that happen.”

Not everyone is pleased with Russel’s plan to make a documentary. Jody King, a relative of one of the people who was killed at the club, had this to say: “”I think it’s ruining all the positive strides that we’re now making to heal here in Rhode Island. If he wants to help, stay away, shut your mouth.”

The community in Rhode Island is currently in the process of building a memorial to those that were killed in the fire.

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