Guns N’ Roses Are Indeed Reuniting, According To Nikki Sixx

It’s looking more and more likely that estranged former bandmates Axl Rose and Slash have mended their broken fences and that we’ll get to see a reunion of some version of Guns N’ Roses’ classic lineup sometime soon. Slash has confirmed that the two have had some sort of reconciliation, and former Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland, who was totally right that Chester Bennington is out of STP, also claims that Guns N’ Roses, in their proper form, are getting back together. The most recent source of GN’R reunion rumors is one of band’s late-’80s contemporaries, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx. When a fan asked on Twitter if GN’R should get back together to tour, Sixx wrote, “THEY ARE. EVERYBODY KNOWS.” Everybody!

There’s been more and more buzz lately that this is happening. Dish Nation quotes “sources close to the band” in its story that they’re definitely getting back together to tour next year. The UK newspaper Mirror quotes John Murdy, a friend of Slash and an executive at the Universal Studios theme parks, who says, “I know that Slash and Axl talking again is a really good sign.” Meanwhile, Blabbermouth asked Use Your Illusion-era drummer Matt Sorum about it, and he says, “I would have to plead the fifth on that, basically, because I just don’t know.” However, Sorum and original drummer Steven Adler both seem excited about the possibility.

And getting into the really serious journalistic nitty-gritty, Loudwire has a quote from Brandi Glanville, a friend of bassist Duff McKagan’s wife Susan Holmes-McKagan. Here’s what she says: “Guns N’ Roses is coming back, motherfuckers!” In response, Holmes-McKagan reportedly yelled, “Woooo!” That’s not exactly official confirmation, but it’s something.

In the meantime, the Guns N’ Roses Twitter feed is staying quiet, while obliquely addressing the rumors:

These are, admittedly, some goofy-ass sources, and this could all turn out to be a big nothing. But all the combined noise is still intriguing. After all, recent-vintage GN’R members Bumblefoot and DJ Ashba have recently left the band. And the site Melodic Rock even has a rumor about what the touring lineup will be. That site claims that the new touring lineup will be Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan, alongside keyboardist, Dizzy Reed, the only non-Axl member who stayed with the band from the Use Your Illusion era to the Chinese Democracy era. And allegedly, recent joiners Richard Fortus and Frank Ferrer will round things out, which is sad news for Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler, and Matt Sorum.