Sioux Falls – “Dom” (Stereogum Premiere)

Sioux Falls got their start in Montana as the high school band of vocalist/guitarist Issac Eiger and bassist Fred Nixon. A move to Portland and a few EPs and splits later (plus the addition of drummer Ben Scott) sees them settling into themselves as a group and, with that, comes their debut full-length. Rot Forever is as good a statement as any to kick a band off with — it’s a sprawling double album full of tense, teased-out and dusty post-punk songs.

“Dom,” the lead single from the record, is one of the most concise and straight-forward cuts, and even it betrays their tendency to go long, metaphorically speaking. The lyrics read like thoughts flitting back and forth, from self-reflection to the mundane. Eiger’s voice sounds curious and conversational — “How was work? Are you okay?” he leads off a verse. “How’s your mom? Is she the same?” We never hear an answer to the questions he poses, but he keeps on going: “I am good, just playing shows/ You know how that stuff goes.” Later on, he reminisces about a girl in his class who had a dog: “She had a big Newfie named Dom/ He died young, now she’s a mom/ I hope that she is doing OK/ I think she is, in her own way.” The rest of the track is filled with that kind of wry, observational humor: It’s a little scatterbrained and skeletal, but always stumbling forward. Just like life! Listen below.

Sioux Falls’ debut LP Rot Forever is out 2/19 via Broken World Media/Standard Brickhouse.

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