Ulrika Spacek – “She’s A Cult”

Ulrika Spacek is a rock ‘n’ roll name too good to be true. That’s because it it’s not somebody’s birth name at all; it’s the project of Berlin musicians Rhys Edwards and Rhys Williams (also great rock ‘n’ roll monikers tbh; name your child Rhys and he’ll surely grow up to rock someday). Their debut LP The Album Paranoia is due out early next year, and lead single “She’s A Cult” is an inspiring burst of alternately melodious and discordant chunky-guitar indie-rock. It hit my sweet spot this morning, and if you have a thing for Sonic Youth and/or Slanted And Enchanted-era Pavement, maybe it’ll hit yours too.

The Album Paranoia is out 2/5 on Tough Love/Lefse. Pre-order it here on CD or white vinyl.