Adele’s 25 Will Not Be Streaming

After much speculation, The New York Times is reporting what many of us have already suspected: Adele’s 25 (which leaked online yesterday) will not be streaming on services like Spotify and Apple Music. The paper of record wasn’t able to get a comment from Adele’s camp, but confirmed with three unnamed sources that the album will only be available for purchase.

There’s a possibility that it will show up on streaming services a few months down the line — her worldwide label XL has deployed a similar strategy for some lower-profile releases like Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires Of The City — but that stands to be seen.

And so, everyone over a certain age will pick it up at their local Target, and anyone under that age will download it illegally and, regardless, Adele will set a ton of record-breaking milestones to give the music industry some hope as it goes into Q4, and we all float into oblivion.

Do you feel that? Adele’s 25 is out tomorrow.

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