Download LNDN DRGS Aktive

LNDN DRGS is the production duo Jay Worthy and Sean House, and their new album of G-funk crusing music Aktive is out today as a free download via Fool’s Gold. It’s a notable release for several reasons: For instance, it’s one of the last projects to feature the late A$AP Yams, and Doggystyle artist Joe Cool did the cover art, which represents an intriguing gangland crossover because Snoop Dogg is a crip and Worthy is a blood. But mostly Aktive is notable because it’s really, really good. Smartly assembled entirely from luxuriant rap and R&B samples and boasting strong performances from the likes of Krayzie Bone and RetcH, these 14 tracks comprise one of the most instantly likable rap full-lengths of the year. Download it for free here and stream it below.