LOYAL – “Blue & The Green”

Six-piece UK ensemble LOYAL play melancholy electronic pop music informed by house and R&B. That’s a popular medium these days, but LOYAL’s new single “Blue & The Green” separates them from the pack. It’s a breathy, understated track that casts some ghostly soul samples, plaintive keyboard chords, and nimble guitar work against subtly intensifying electronic rhythms, and it gives me the same positive sensations I got from Jamie xx’s production on Drake’s “Take Care.” LOYAL offered some background on the song’s subject matter:

“Blue & The Green” questions whether it’s better to fight for something once cherished, or the decision to give up and leave this thing behind. Blue and the green represents land and sea (the earth) as well the emotions of sadness and jealousy.

Listen below.

LOYAL have more new music coming soon via Good Years.