Tegan And Sara Finish LP8

In 2013, the great Canadian duo Tegan And Sara released an album, Heartthrob, that moved the band fully out of the festival-indie ranks and into the straight-up pop world. It was a heartfelt, powerful, expertly written and recorded synthetic pop album, and it absolutely ruled. It also succeeded in making the duo into something like stars. Since its release, they’ve performed with Taylor Swift, scored an Oreo commercial, and sung an Oscar-nominated song on the Lego Movie soundtrack. Big things! And given how far their last album pushed them from their roots, it’ll be fascinating to see which direction they go on their next LP. We won’t have to wait too long. As the band tweeted last night, they are now done recording their new album.

So: Sometime next year? Hopefully sooner rather than later? We’ll presumably hear everything soon enough.