Download Wiki Lil Me

Today, Wiki, the snaggletoothed front-urchin for the New York rap trio Ratking, released Lil Me, a free-download solo album. (The distinction between albums and mixtapes is paper-thin, but for reasons that I’m not sure how to explain, this one seems more like an album than a mixtape.) The album includes the Nasty Nigel collab “Livin’ With My Moms,” and it’s also got appearances from Skepta, Micachu, and Antwon, as well as production from Madlib, Black Milk, Kaytranada, Harry Fraud, Skywlkr, and Lee Bannon. Both of the other members of Ratking are heavily involved. I’m listening for the first time right now, and it’s well worth checking out; it’s an album of broken-down, psychedelic, genuinely free-spirited New York rap. Check it out below.

Download Lil Me for free at Wiki’s site.

Tags: Ratking, Wiki