Fucked Up – “Our Own Blood” (Feat. Tanya Tagaq)

Toronto hardcore warriors Fucked Up are known, among many other things, experimenting with the form of their genre and writing very, very long songs. On their new song “Our Own Blood,” Fucked Up push both of those tendencies to their logical extreme. “Our Own Blood” is an improvised piece that, as the band writes on its Facebook page, is “for careful contemplation.” And it’s half an hour long. You know how many half-hour hardcore songs there are? There are not many. There are plenty of classic hardcore albums that aren’t that long. The band made “Our Own Blood” in collaboration with Tanya Tagaq, the Inuk throat singer who won Canada’s prestigious Polaris Music Prize last year for her Animism album. (Fucked Up won the same prize in 2009 for The Chemistry Of Common Life.) The band isn’t kidding about the “careful contemplation” thing, either. I’m listening to the song for the first time right now, and it’s quiet and hazy and formless and very pretty; it never launches into any kind of big rock explosion. Check it out below.

Fucked Up haven’t announced any plans for a new record, so consider this a one-off. And do yourself a favor: Catch up on Turned Out A Punk, the podcast from Fucked Up singer Damian Abraham, who isn’t on “Our Own Blood.” The episode with Lucero’s Brian Venable was shockingly great.