Preview David Bowie’s Next Single “Lazarus”

David Bowie’s new album ?, or Blackstar, is coming out in the early days of 2016, and we’ve already heard seen the mind-boggling video for the title track. And now a new song called “Lazarus” is about to get a grand roll-out. “Lazarus” is also the title of Bowie’s new Off-Broadway musical, which stars Michael C. Hall, from Dexter and Six Feet Under. The new single will be out 7/17 — this Thursday — and that night, the cast of the play will perform it on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert. It’s the only song that’s both on the album and in the stage play, and you can hear a very brief preview of it below.

Also on YouTube, there’s a muffled recording of the full song, which I’m guessing someone made at the stage play. (It could also, I suppose, be a shitty leaked recording of Bowie’s version.) If you like, you can check that below; it’s got a satisfying old-school Bowie glam-rock sweep to it.

? is out 1/8 via Columbia.

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