Nicholas Krgovich – “Backlot Detail” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Vancouver multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Krgovich makes silky, shiny pop inspired by the city of Los Angeles. “Backlot Detail,” from his forthcoming album The Hills, is a softly grandiose, ambient number with a music video to match. Directed by Peter J. Brant and edited by Krgovich himself, the clip takes place in suburban California. Recorded with Colin Stewart in Vancouver at The Hive studios, The Hills is simply something that Krgovich “wanted to share. In case people can get something out of it.” He also shared some background on the recording process:

I would write every day all day and then make dinner and watch 30 Rock at night… what I guess people call sophistipop – Prefab Sprout, Talk Talk, The Blue Nile, Sade, music that makes me feel like I’m in the backseat of the car when I was a kid and it’s raining.

Watch “Backlot Detail” below.

01 “The Hills I”
02 “Sunset Tower”
03 “The Place Goes Quiet”
04 “Backlot Detail”
05 “Written In The End”
06 “Rock’s Detail”
07 “Mountain Of Song”
08 “PCH Detail”
09 “Out Of Work Jazz Singer”
10 “Lookout Point”
11 “Moon’s Detail”
12 “The Hills II”

The Hills will be out 3/4/16 on Tin Angel Records.