Fetty Wap – “Merry Xmas” (Feat. Monty)

If you had to guess which current A-list rap star was going to make a Christmas song, you’d pick Fetty Wap, right? Fetty is new to this whole rap-stardom business, and he’s also an unapologetic cheeseball, so it only seems right that he’d come out with his very own yuletide-themed banger. And this morning, that’s exactly what he’s given us. The brand-new “Merry Xmas” features an appearance from frequent collaborator Monty and sadly no sleigh bells in the beat. (Sample Fetty lyrics: “Baby, you shine brighter than a diamond, I sweeeaaaar / And if you like, it can be Christmas all yeeeaaaar.” Sample Monty lyrics: “Lighting up this Christmas tree / Baby, come and get with me / Take a trip to Tiffany / Late night, you be missing me.”) It’s pretty good, in the exact same way that pretty much every Fetty Wap song is pretty good. Listen below.

Fetty Wap’s self-titled debut is out now on 300.

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