Soft Fangs – “The Air”

Soft Fangs is a literal bedroom project, meaning that John Luktevich crafted a lot of the music he’s released under the moniker in his childhood home. So no, I am not being a lazy music writer for slapping that tired and often misused label on it. When I interviewed Luktevich for a Band To Watch profile a little over a year ago, he explained the process that wrought his delicate, striking self-titled debut EP: After his longtime band broke up in LA, Luktevich took a cross-country road trip back to Massachusetts, where he began piecing together sounds and samples that would later be woven together into fleeting, contemplative songs. Luktevich’s forthcoming full-length, The Light, was produced similarly, and it seems like his lonely aesthetic has aged gracefully since we were first introduced to it last year. “The Air” is The Light’s debut single, and it follows “Golden,” a one-off single that Luktevich put out back in August. Listen below.

The Light is out 3/18 via Disposable America/Exploding In Sound Records.