Watch Chvrches’ Fun-As-Hell “Clearest Blue” Performance On The Late Late Show

There was a moment about halfway through Chvrches’ performance on James Corden’s Late Late Show last night when frontwoman Lauren Mayberry kicked away her mic stand, and the crowd immediately cheered. They were clearly picking up on something. Mayberry has always been a shy, stationary stage presence, so it’s a big deal when she gets confident enough to start moving around onstage. And her group was performing the great Every Open Eye single “Clearest Blue,” a song that builds up to the moment its huge synth riff kicks in. So it’s really cool to see Mayberry getting loose enough onstage to help make that moment count. It’s maybe the best Chvrches performance I’ve seen yet, and you can watch it below.

Every Open Eye is out now on Glassnote.