Hillary Clinton Answers Dumb Question About Beyoncé

The look on Hillary Clinton’s face says it all. In a time where it’s actually possible for women and black men to become president, someone asked Clinton if she would throw it all away to be an entertainer. In Iowa on Clinton’s campaign trail this past Wednesday, a supporter had the gall/audacity/naivete/ignorance (you choose) to ask if Clinton would rather be president or Beyoncé. Granted, Beyoncé isn’t just any performer, and how far off could actually running the country be from encouraging girls to run the world? Man, are we obsessed with celebrity. Anyway, Clinton, after a sigh of relief or disbelief and some off-the-cuff self-deprecation, answered: “I want to be as good a president as Beyoncé is a performer.” Pretty much the perfect response with the utmost political correctness. Although, despite all her efforts to show how “hip” she is, she still pronounced Beyoncé as Bayoncé. Bey is everyone’s bae, so it’s fine.

Watch the full question and answer below.